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“Cynsational hosted a bachelorette party for my friend. We had lots of fun. There was no embarrassing awkwardness that can be experienced at a pleasure. Just lots of fun with no pressure of a sales pitch.”

Ms. Scorpio Doll

“Yeah, that party was BIG FUN!! You and your sister are ‘Sin’sational :. Kristie and I were thinking we might try to do it again, maybe in the summer with other invitees. If you find you ever need any help with one of your parties you should give me a call. Maybe we could work something out….. I really liked your style and how you approached your business while keeping the whole thing fun. And, I’m big on organization and timeliness and you guys were ALL THAT!”


“I have had the pleasure of attending several Cyn-Sational Pleasure Party events. Each time is as enjoyable and informative as the first. Cynthia, the party presenter is open, inviting and insightful about all the different products they stock. The best thing about a Cyn-Sational Pleasure Party event is taking home all the fun new stuff you buy on the same day! “

Hot n Sexy in Atlanta

“Cyn-Sational Pleasure Parties is the BEST pleasure party I’ve ever been to! The Hosts are vibrant and very knowledgeable. They make your pleasure party experience well worth it. The product presentation is both helpful and informative especially for someone like myself who’s a little too shy to go into the adult book stores. The games they play are fun, interactive and conducted very well, especially their “signature game” (that’s what they call it)! I’ve been to several pleasure parties before but they were nothing like a Cyn-Sational Party. I’d advise anyone interested in giving or going to a pleasure party to do it with this company, you won’t regret it!”

Married w/ Children

“Thank you Cynthia! I am ever so grateful for Cyn-Sational Parties. I love your set-up, presentation & interaction. You guys made it fun & SPICY! Cyn-Sational Parties has my recommendation! I hope to partake in another one of your events really soon. I plan to use your services again! Many, many thanks!”

Birthday Girl

“My BFF requested a Pleasure Party for her bachelorette celebration before her upcoming wedding. I, being the Matron of Honor, was fully obligated to “make that happen”. I was given Cynthia’s name by a very close friend of mine, and was assured that she was the “Pleasure Party Queen”… Cynthia completely owns that title!!!  She and her sister came to my home and put on a FABULOUS evening, and they were TROOPERS, considering that, unfortunately, they had to trek across a gravel lined levy with all of their goodies in tow to get to my house! Then deal with a bunch of CRAZY multi-generational women and young women!!! They brought so many wonderful items to share with us all, that I don’t even think I was able to see them all. Cynthia was professional, polite, respectful, knowledgeable and most of all FUN, FUN, FUN!!! My BFF said that she knew she was going to have a good time, no matter what, but that she was, “blown away” by the experience and said that she, “had a blast” and couldn’t thank me enough for bringing Cynthia into the mix as a part of our celebration. Thanks again Cyn-Sational!!!!!!!!!”

Happy on the Island

“Thank you for the awesome pleasure party Cynthia! I’ve been to one other PP and it was not like your at all. I love that we played several fun games and won cool prizes. The best part was the tie breaker! ( Top secret surprise ) I actually learned a few things about my best friend that night, hehehe! Also you came prepared with lots of gadgets and gizmos for purchase! I’d be confident to recommend your services to anyone in the future. Thanks again!”

Monica and Shawn

“I have been to several Cyn-Sational Parties and I must say I am hooked! The parties are loads of fun, educational and most of all unique. I enjoy the level of detail and care taken with each party. The staff is a cut above the rest. It’s also very nice to be able to take the product home to enjoy the same night. I will only book my future parties with Cyn-Sational.”

Tee in Antioch

“I wanted to get all my girlfriends together, but I didn’t want to do a traditional “Girls’ Night Out”, so I decided to host a Cyn-Sational Pleasure Party. What a treat!  Not only did me and my friends have a great time, but we got to know each other’s wild side! Cynthia was extremely discreet, professional, punctual, organized, and informative. I was shocked to see the wide range of products offered. And the best part–I got to ask questions and even got some tactful demonstrations! I received a gift basket with great products for free as a thank you gift. Cyn-Sational gave me the tools and information I needed to spice up my love life. My husband thanks you and so do I! I plan on using Cyn-Sational again for my sister’s “Bachelorette Party” and my “Couple’s Night Out”. Thanks Cyn-Sational!”

Eyelashes for Dayz

“I was invited to a Cyn-Sational Pleasure Party hosted by Cynthia and was totally blown away by the many products they sell. I was little skeptic at first – but after about 15 minutes into the party I was sold. The ladies were professional, humorous and knew their products well. They had a variety of lingerie, adult toys, movies and a host of other items. I was sold on the warming gels. They not only taste good and come in a variety of flavors; they even feel good against my body. My skin is very sensitive so I have to be very careful about what I put on it – and I’ve never had a problem with any of their products. I would highly recommend the gels for anyone who is interested in adding a little flavor to their love life.”

Satisfied Customer

“Cyn-Sational Pleasure Parties creates a laid back and fun atmosphere.  The ladies have personal knowledge of the products and they arrive with an extensive collection. I was excited to be able to purchase on the spot!! Great advise overall, and I really appreciated them reminding us of the proper way to take care of our toys!”